52 Things


I was reading my birthday horoscope in Cosmo and it told me to make a list of sexy challenges that I need to accomplish between now and my next birthday. Fuck sexy challenges, I prefer badass ones instead. Today's my 24th birthday. It seems like just yesterday that I was turning 14, where the fuck have the past 10 years gone?!? I turn 25 next year, I'm actually pretty excited about that. I went out with friends last night and it was pretty fucking epic. We had crazy photoshoots at my best friend's and then at the bar. I need to take a better look at those pictures now that I'm sober. They might not be allowed on Facebook if I don't approve. With that being said, here's the beginning of my list...

  1. Quit smoking I've been smoking since I was 16, it's about damn time that I quit. 
  2. Go bungee jumping
  3. Go skydiving
  4. Learn how to play golf  I want to be a baller like my dad when I grow up so I really need to make this golf game my bitch because it's a really important business skill
  5. Donate blood I don't like needles
  6. Donate bone marrow I'm not sure what the process is for this but I want to help the little girl on the website
  7. Learn how to shoot a gun I'm still on probation so I don't know if I'll actually be able to do this one. Will they let me do it if I have a misdemeanor charge on my record?
  8. Go zip-lining Daddy did it. Anything he can do, I can do better. 
  9. Learn another language Is it impossible for me to master another language in one year? I want to learn Farsi but I already speak French and a little Spanish...maybe I should just master that first. Baby steps
  10. Be able to run a 10k I actually laughed as I was typing this one because I am the most unathletic person ever! I like the idea of working out a lot more than I like the act of working out so I'm going to have to work hard for this one. And to make matters worst, I actually had to look up the distance
  11. Learn how to drive a stick
  12. Learn how to fly a plane Seriously though, how awesome would it be if I learned the basics of aviation in a year?!
  13. Finish getting my tattoos That includes both of my rib tattoos One down 07/05/11
  14. Ride a motorcycle I clearly said ride and not drive because I don't know how to ride a bike, don't laugh
  15. Volunteer for a cause that actually means something to me I signed up to volunteer for the Polaris Project. If you don't know what that is, check it out here
  16. Try Crossfit Training I walked by a Crossfit gym the other day and saw people working out and that shit's intense, that makes me want to do it. 
  17. Learn how to box Laila Ali-style I'm going to be the fittest bitch ever!
  18. Learn how to drive a race car Danicka Patrick's hot and I want to be like her
  19. Learn how to play paintball Read: make bitches submit to me in paintball
  20. Go rock climbing I'm not talking about bullshit climbing either, I'm talking about actually being anchored into a rock. For safety reasons, I'll have to start off small with an indoor rock wall like this. I'm not trying to die any time soon. 
  21. Refurnish my apartment without any help from my parents
Updated 07.01.2011

List to be continued...