My first video blog!

After much trial and error, I decided to post my first video blog. You have no idea how many takes I did before I settled on one that I thought was semi-acceptable. I think that I should really do a post with all the video bloopers and the posts where I just start cracking up because I said or did something funny. Seriously, don't judge me. 

I decided that I like the sound of my own voice and as a result, the video cut me off. What I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted was that I need you Blogger friends to play matchmaker for me because clearly I can't find myself a man to save my life.

I hope you like the vlog and I promise that I will get better at it. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. I'm totally open to feedback.

Seriously though, can we just talk about how the Ravens are fucking killing it right now?!? Sunday funday never lets me down!


  1. I got a video blog shoutout! You may have just rocked my entire world (well, at least, almost as much as the Ravens defense did last night).

    And you totally do have an awesome video blog voice. I, unfortunately, sound like a whiny 5 year old, so video blogs are probably not in my future.

  2. Good on ya and your 1st video blog hunny. Seriously thinking of starting my own video blog but just need to find some balls and do it lol. Following your blog chick. Check out mine! And if you like it, follow me too!! x

    Peace + Love:

  3. WHAT?! Max made a video and I'm dayssss late viewing it??? lol

    Well, better late than never. Hehe. My thoughts:

    * I love you and wish I had your football knowledge but I'm gunna be honest that you lost me in the first part of the video (I don't follow football like I "should", lol) and I didn't come back into the video until you mentioned shoes. That's just how my mind works.

    * You sound sooo much like me when I just start talking to my video cam! And you actually do sound like your "voice" on your blog.

    * My landlord won't cut on the heat either, but it's okay because now that it's 85 DEGREES in New York for no damn reason, we don't really need it anymore.

    All in all, I like the video! More please!