I'm done being nice, I don't have the patience nor do I have the tolerance for it. I always look out for other people and tend to put their needs in front of mine because I legitimately am a nice person (regardless of what other people say). I need start being a little more selfish because while taking care of other people's needs, I've been neglecting my own. I'm done with that shit. From now on, I will harness my inner Spartan (if you guys aren't familiar with this blog, you should really check it out because he's funny as shit). I don't have much to say today because I'm fed up with the world. Enjoy a few pictures that make me happy/smile/not want to gauge my eyes out...

I like girls with tattoos

I like super heroes 

One day very soon, my body will look like Anna Kornikova's

I think girls are hot but I think girls having sex is hotter

I love boys, especially ones with tattoos

Song of the day, courtesy of my husband Drake, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross & DJ Khaled. I have a very strong desire to do dirty things to Drake, if only he knew. Enjoy...

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