Birthday pictures

So I finally saw the pictures from the birthday festivities. I would just like to reiterate how much I love my girls. They really are my partners-in-crime and they never cease to make my heart skip a beat. I was pretty hammered in some of these pictures but I think I look okay. Nice job keeping your shit together, face!

Somebody thought it was a good idea to let me play with daddy's iPad, that resulted in a photoshoot.

A few things on my mind today...

  • I wish Chipotle delivered. And if any of the ones that I go to close down, I'm going to be very upset. If you have no clue what I'm talking about, please catch up here.
  • Apparently, I met some guy when I was standing outside of the bar the other night. I don't know how we started talking but I ended up giving him my number. I saved his number in my phone as Officer Dan the Man... I think that's a great stripper name. I woke up to a text from him, making sure that I made it home okay. I actually had to lay in bed and think about who he was. I finally remembered and then I texted him back. We tentatively made plans for Sunday, my birthday; we made said plans based on how I felt. As you can imagine, I was pretty hungover and I legitimately thought I was dying while I was dry-heaving and holding on to my toilet for dear life. Anyway, turns out this guy is a DC cop and he patrols the neighborhood that Daddy lives in. When I told dude I wasn't feeling so hot and wasn't sure if I could be in public for a long period of time, he suggested that I come to his house. Excuse me?! I have seen way too many horror movies/episodes of Law & Order SVU to know that black girls don't make it out alive. I told him that, for safety reasons, I wasn't going to come to his house. He actually took offense to that. He called me to remind me that he was a cop. Yes Officer Dan the Man, I know what your profession is and that is the very reason why I'm not coming to your house. You probably have a gun/know how to use one, you have handcuffs and you are a cop. You could shoot me, cut me up into little pieces, spread my body across 5 states and no one would ever find me. I think I'll pass on that whole potential rape & murder scenario but thanks so much for the offer. We met in a public place for drinks and appetizers. He's kinda cute, just a little bit though. He has the potential to be clingy/needy. Homie don't play that. He's a nice guy and I would totally be friends with him but it would totally end there. I was thinking about this when I was on my way home from meeting up with him...I've been alone for so long that I'm comfortable with it. At this point, starting a relationship just seems like such a hassle and so much work. He's definitely not one I want to put in work with. I haven't really found anyone like that, which leads me to believe that I will end up alone. I guess it's a good thing that I'm allergic to cats. 
  • I went through my friends list on Facebook and deleted a shit ton of people. I haven't talked to them in years, they live in states that are more than 6 hours away, blah blah blah. There were some people that I just couldn't delete because they're just so active on their Facebook and they post a lot of pictures. Is it bad that I just like looking at people's pictures? I don't really care if I know them or not. There are some people that I deleted and then blocked because I just really didn't like them and I did it mainly out of spite. One thing that does piss me off is when stupid bitches comment on someone else's status that I commented on, like I'm not going to fucking see it. Like you always said...exercise some act right, bitch.
  • Since I started my job back in October, I haven't taken a day off. I've been sick twice: once I had food poisoning and the other time, I was having serious asthma problems (reason #50 billion as to why i should stop smoking). Yesterday was the first day that I took off. I was willing to go without pay for it because I just wanted the damn day off, but they found a way for me to get paid...even better. I woke up yesterday morning and I panicked because I thought I was super late for work and then I came to my senses. I proceeded to stay in bed until noon and read Twilight. Don't judge me! It was a beautiful day and I did pretty much nothing and I totally deserved it. But part of my mind wouldn't stop wondering what was going on at work and what I was missing in terms of emails. I really do love my job but I really wish that it would stop getting in my head on days when I shouldn't have to worry about it. 

Song of the day is by Mac Miller. He's this 20something kid from Pittsburgh and he's currently on tour with Wiz Khalifa, I'm totally going to see them when they come to town. Enjoy...

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  1. You look fab drunk. I have a wine cooler and look like I've been on a seven day binge. I'm jealous. Austin hasn't read the blog. I might let him read it or print it as a book when he gets back, but he's a momma's boy and my honesty my bother him on that topic and if he reads it now, he may not realize it was a "moment." Like when you have thoughts or you're overdramatic. You feel that way, but it'll pass thing.