Dear person with a black eye,
I warned you.

Damn you, woman!

I really want to raid Vanessa Hudgens' closet and jewelry box. She always looks like a hippie and I freaking love it. I've spent so much time today looking for this stupid skirt I saw in a magazine and because she was photographed wearing the same one, it's sold out everywhere. I have done nothing all day, at least I bring my laptop to work so that I'll have something to play with when I get bored. I've spent the day internet window shopping and cleaning out my Chrome bookmarks folder; I bookmark a lot of stupid shit. Window shopping while sitting at my desk always makes my wishlist so much longer because I can actually copy/paste the pictures into a OneNote file. Things stay in said file for such a long time and sometimes I don't even buy them but it's nice to scroll through the pictures sometimes and look at everything. Today's such a blah day. 

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