Kids these days have lost their minds

I actually had a good post to write but I was totally distracted by these stupid bitches that walked in. I'm sitting at Starbucks, attempting to do my homework. See how well that's going for me?! So anyway these stupid bitches were obnoxious, "I'm in high school and I own the world" kid of obnoxious; they were the kind of obnoxious that makes me want to high five people in the face. 

So anyway, these little (I only use that word because I'm so mature and shit) girls were so loud that everyone pretty much stare at them. This one girl, Little Miss Hot Body, was talking about how she didn't have any money and her parents were being such assholes by not giving her any. She went on to say that her dad had given her $400 last month and yesterday he gave her $315 for the month. She was bitching and moaning like it was the end of the world. Newsflash: you could get a job, bitch. 

That brings me to my next point...are all kids like that now?! If so, what the hell is going in the world?!? I swear on all that is holy that my children will never be like that. They will get a job as soon as they are old enough to work. There will be no discussion about it. My parents didn't raise me to be a little freeloading bitch. Now don't get me wrong, my dad would give me money every now and then but I've had a job every single day since I turned 16. I don't need a job and at times when I've been so frustrated with whatever I was doing, my dad wouldn't hesitate to let me know that. That's all fine and dandy but my thing is that I don't want to have to justify to anyone how I spend my money. Had I ever quit working and just relied on Daddy for money, I would have had to check with him before I spent it. I don't like having to justify shit so I kept working. I also kept working because it gave me something to do and it allowed me to meet people, most of  them were stupid but sometimes, you gotta take the good with the bad. Anyway, I said all that to say that if these kids think that they're going to be able to coast through college and life after that then they're very wrong. Their cushy little bubble will pop the minute that they step foot on that college campus their freshmen year. The real world isn't going to baby them. Bitches like that are going in the burn book.

Anywho, I'm thinking that I should do a future post that's a letter to my future children. I'll show it to them once they leave for college. I always see parents with their kids now and I actually get a little jealous because they look so happy. I know that I have no reason to be jealous but I still can't help it. It's weird. 

Also, I made a new section at the top of my blog for quotes that make me happy. I'm kinda glad that today is Sunday. I know that it's Fall and we're in October but it got unseasonably cold really fast. It's currently 40 degrees outside. The other day it was 70 and I was wearing flip-flops. I wasn't ready for this cold weather just yet but it's a good thing that I always have my Uggs ready and waiting. We play the Jets tonight. If we win this game, we'll get a higher ranking in the AFC and we'll most likely be right behind the Bills. The Steelers are now irrelevant to me because they suck. 

You should listen to this song because it's awesome. It also doesn't hurt that this guy graduated magna cum laude from St. John's. Sexy and smart?! I'm going to have his babies. 


  1. The sad thing is, if they are that spoiled now, they will probably continue to be even through college. Life favors the rich and spoiled. They are the ones who will bitch and complain about their grades in the college and the professors will end up passing them to shut them up and because they'll lose their funding if they fail too many students. Life will probably always be easy for them. We can only hope that they get pregnant before graduating high school. That'll show 'em!

  2. I started working when I was 13 to help pay for my riding lessons, and I worked 2-3 jobs all through college (ok, kind of my fault - I *may* have turned down a full ride at Maryland to go rack up some serious debt at Vanderbilt, but whatever) and I wouldnt have it any other way.

    It drives me out of my mind to see these 21 y/o college grads who have never worked a day in their lives. And their parents think they're doing their kids a FAVOR by not making them work...!

  3. I actually laughed at the visual of these tiny little girls with ginormous Octo-mom size bellies full of little ankle biters!

    I have several friends that are in their mid-20s and don't have jobs because their parents are stupidly rich. They think it's cute that I don't stay out late because I have to be at the office the next morning. They totally deserve high fives to the face!