My big girl dreams

So I had to go to this happy hour thing for work last night. That's god awful right?! I had to go to this event. Instead of driving down there, I took the metro because parking in Chinatown is virtually nonexistent unless you drive a Mini Cooper. I drive an SUV, fail. So I speed walk the two blocks from the metro to the building because it was hot and gross and I didn't want my hair to get messed up. The best thing to do is to speed walk during my previously stated weather conditions, right? Wrong. By the time I got to the building, I was a hot mess. That's always clutch to making a good first impression.

No one had really told me anything about what was going on, all I knew was that one of the other girls from work was going to be there. We, as an organization, are going to be partnering with the Taste of DC LLC for the event in October. The happy hour was kind of a meet and greet with our staff the the Taste staff. Their office is in a walk-up in Chinatown, I wasn't quite expecting the three flights of stairs. I walk into the office and my jaw hit the floor. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Their office was in a gorgeous, spacious loft. It had hardwood floors, industrial type ceilings, painted brick walls and huge windows. I fell in love!! Not only was it a great place, they had medicine balls, comfy couches and Rockband. I'm clearly working in the wrong office.

I've never been in a loft before this one but I always imagined them to be cool. This one was amazing. Seeing as how I'm my mother's child, I immediately started picturing all the things that I could do with that space. It would have to be converted into a residential loft. It had a kitchen and a half bath. I just loved all the open space. It had great high ceilings and lots of wall space; that's perfect for tall bookcases because I'm nerdy and have a lot of books. I think that I would just have so much fun decorating it and converting the half bath into a full bath. Mommy would have to help me with that one because I don't know enough about that to feel comfortable doing it myself. The loft kinda reminded me of Jessica Biel's loft in I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. When I saw that movie, her apartment was what I loved the most. I know that places like that cost a ton of money. I want a big girl, grown up apartment. Don't get me wrong, I love the place I live in now but as I get older, I'm going to want something new. I will have an apartment like that when I get older. You mark my words. I'm going to have to hustle my ass off to make bank in order to afford a place like that. I'm really to hustle, I like pushing myself to the next level and seeing how far I can go. I refuse to turn down a challenge.

I'm going to the driving range with my dad today and then we're going to get crabs!!!! I love summer but more importantly, my birfday weekend. Song of the day, enjoy...

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