Friday, I've missed you!

Oh Friday, you always take so long to get here and then you only stick around for a little while. That's rude! Nonetheless, I'm so glad that you're here. That means that I can attempt to sleep in tomorrow. I will fully admit that I've been slacking like shit on blog comments and what not. I've been so tired lately that I have barely had the energy to do anything but work and sleep. I promise you that that will never happen again.

I've had a pretty uneventful day. I had to go to a meeting in Fairfax for work. I finally met the program coordinator that I had been working with (emailing/playing telephone tag with) at the Senior Employment Center. This woman is a little freaking hobgoblin! She looked Madame Serena from Teen Witch. If you haven't seen it or have no clue what it is, you really need to educate yourself because it's a crucial part of  the 80s. She was so rude and condescending to me today, she told me that I was too young to have my job and that I should work in an ice cream shop. That little bitch is lucky that I didn't kick the cane out from under her, I was very tempted. Anyway, she can honestly suck my non-existent dick, she's the perfect height to do it too.

Someone that calls themselves a friend of mine posted the new Rebecca Black video on my Facebook wall this morning. For some unknown reason, I actually watched the video. I couldn't stop watching it, and then I was humming along and bobbing my head to the beat. I caught myself mid bob and promptly deleted the post. Thanks a-hole. I'll get your ass back for that one.

If you haven't seen this video, please watch it. It's definitely a gem...

Happy Friday!


  1. Ughhh, I hate YOU so much for posting that video because now I obviously have to share it with everyone I know. I hope you're happy!

  2. Just letting you know I gave you an award today. =)

    And wow.. that video both disturbs and amuses me.

  3. I am disturbed, and yet highly entertained.

    Quote of the day: "She can suck my nonexistent dick." Brilliant.