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Blogger, I love you and I love your brilliant idea to give us a more streamlined layout. I nearly creamed myself when I saw it/played with it. I heart you.

Today's such a random day and my brain is pretty much fried but I just wanted to take the time to share with you some things that have been on my mind.

That is the saddest picture that I have ever seen in my fucking life. This family lived in on Albermarle Sound in Nags Head, NC. Those steps and pillars are all that's left of their house. Fucking Hurricane Irene, stupid fucking bitch.

Downtown New Brunswick NJ

This looks like a scene from some crazy movie. There are entire towns that have been turned into islands within VT because bridges have collapsed or been washed away. Pittsfiled, VT is now one of those in state islands. The people in the town weren't really worried, they had a freaking BBQ. How awesome is that shit?!? The town has a population of 427 people. I read the article on CNN this morning. They're driving around on ATVs because the roads are so bad. I love the fact that in a seriously shitty time, they're staying positive. They probably won't see this but people of Pittsfield VT, I think you're fucking amazing!

In other news, some stupid fuck threw his son off of a moving boat. When I read the article on my crackberry this morning, I was half asleep. Naturally, it didn't click until I woke up. This man actually threw his child off of a moving tour boat, in a goddamn busy harbor. The guy was on the boat with his two sons and his girlfriend. He said that he was just horsing around. How stupid are you, mister? There were 85 people on that boat that could vouch for your horrible parenting skills. Do you honestly think that the mother of your children is going to allow you anymore visitation rights?! If she has any brain cells, she won't. His mug shot has been released and posted on CNN.com. I hope karma gets him back for jeopardizing his child's llife. 

That brings me to my next issue. This man is also a horrible father. He apparently organized a fight for his son and some other kid. The other kid showed up at the house and I guess he started mouthing off ; the dad didn't like it so HE decides to beat the shit out of the kid himself. I will warn you that the video is shocking and appalling. There are clearly other people in that background and someone is taping the fight but no one cares to stop the adult from beating up the child?!? What the fuck is wrong with these people?! These two stupid fucks are going on the shitty parent list but Casey Anthony will still be number one. She's a stupid bitch. 

I cannot singing this song, soon you'll be singing it too. It's okay, you can thank me later...

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