Blame it on school...

I'm only taking ONE freaking class so school and work shouldn't be taking up all my time. I'm behind on my school work because I like to procrastinate a lot (i.e. this post). I have an exam tomorrow. I have had about month to read the 50 billion chapters that I needed to read in order to prepare for this stupid exam. Instead of being studious, I decide to dick around and do whatever it is that I was doing...I suspect that I was up to no good. I said all that to say that my procrastination in school has resulted in me not sharing all the juicy details of my life lately.

OMG!!! That mere sentence reminded that I met a boy and he is HOT, like I want to have his babies hot. We'll keep that a secret between us though, I wouldn't want him to find out that I said that because things might get a little awkward. Anyway, he's 5'8", light brown hair, built like a Greek freaking god AND he's from Tennessee. His southern drawl is so amazing that I nearly creamed myself when he said his name. We went out last weekend and I had a great time. We went to watch the Ravens vs. Titans game (dislike because we lost AND he's a Titans fan). We basically spent the day together. After the game, we went back to his place only because he had food cooking and we were both hungry. Normally, I would have laughed in his face when he suggested that we go back to his place but there was something about him that put me so at ease that I really didn't think twice about going.  He has a nice apartment, nicer than your typical bachelor pad. He made dinner and it was amazing. We sat there and talked and played with his dog. She kept coming up and putting her head in his lap and whining because she wanted attention. When I called her name so that she could come to me, she kinda just looked at me fucked up. He said that she's not used to other women in his life. I'm totally okay with that. I'm not trying to be his number one, his dog is his baby and I would never try and take her place. I'm also highly allergic to cats, dogs, horses, really hairy men. Oddly enough, I didn't have a sneezing, wheezing, coughing spaz session while I was there. That's a good sign. Long story short, I really want to see this guy again.

Maybe we'll go out this weekend, I haven't talked to him about it yet. Is it too much to go to Philly for the day for cheesesteaks on a second date? We both really like food so I don't see why it would be weird or too much to see if he wanted to go. I'd totally be okay with doing all the driving. We could make it a day thing and he could bring his dog. He has a good job, no kids, no record and he doesn't do drugs. You might laugh at this because for some people, those things are standard when it comes to guys. Not with me. My forehead seems to have a sign that only deadbeat guys can see. They love me; the more issues, the better and they seem to think that I will be their sugar mama. Not happening. 

But seriously though, is it too much to drive to Philly for cheesesteaks on our second date?!

This is why I don't actually date, it's confusing!

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  1. FINALLY you meet a cute guy who isn't crazy or going to make you crazy! *fingers crossed* lol. Oooh I can't wait to hear about a second date. And no, it's not too much for you to drive to Philly. Unless . .you don't live close to Philly? Is it more than an hour away? lol