This could either be a stroke of laziness or just plain genuis

So I was just sitting here, catching up on my blog reading and I saw someone's video blog. I think that that's an amazing idea and I want to do. If I had a video blog, would you watch it? You should because I'm awesome. And if I actually did a video blog and you watched it, you would be able to see how truly, amazingly cool I am, duh. First order of business, learn howto use my webcam. I can it happening now, I'm going to take my laptop to the Geek Squad at Best Buy and I'm going to ask them to show me how to use it. They're probably going to think that I'm trying to have Skype sex with some dude. Not the case assholes! I'll let you know how that goes.

Once they show me how to use it, you guys should really get excited because I'm going to be posting video blogs!

Day 2 of not smoking...I'm still alive. I just had cold pizza and OJ for breakfast, now I want a cigarette. I never smoke in my apartment. On days when I stay in bed all day, I don't smoke because I always leave the pack in the car. That's non-lazy me looking out for lazy me, I've never craved a cigarette so badly that I will actually go out to my car and get one. That's just way too much work.

I'm glad that tomorrow is Friday but I'm not pleased that I have to work at the restaurant tonight. I'm lightly punching myself in the ovaries right now. As the time gets closer for me to clock in, the frequency and the intensity will increase.


  1. Lol, If you have a video blog I would watch it just because of the post I just read. You're giving up smoking? Good for you! Stay Strong!

    Always, T

  2. DO IT! I love watching video blogs. I want to try it sometime.