My laptop may have completely died, I'm not sure. It won't turn on anymore, it won't charge...it's a disaster. I'm fairly certain that I have a bunch of viruses on it. That could be a direct result of me watching too much porn; sometimes, you just can't help it!! My little laptop that could is at the Geek Squad right now as they try to figure out the problem. I feel so naked without it, it's weird. Hopefully, it'll be done by Friday. As soon as I get it back, expect an amazing post about all my shenanigans. Until then, make me proud with all your tomfoolery!
Love you tons.
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  1. My Sony Vaio lost its shit about 2 weeks ago - stopped recognizing my operating system as a legal copy, wouldnt connect to the internet, killed my virus scanner ...I took it to Best Buy because I have a warranty, and they were like 'oh, this $150 warranty doesnt cover software problems - but we can fix it for another $150!'

    I finally broke down and dropped $60 on a recovery disc, and then managed to restore the system and fix the problem. Without needing the stupid disc.

    Hope everything goes well with yours!

  2. Yeah, laptops can be super fragile. I'm on my third now and I'm trying to treat this one like some kind of precious gem. Not sure how long that'll last, though.

    Hope you get yours back soon!

  3. Laptops are very delicate...but yeah, porn will kill you no matter what lol. Hope it gets fixed soon!