Ordinarily I'm so gung-ho about posting but I've really got nothing today. I've been so worn out with work and studying for finals (one more week!) that I really haven't had energy for anything else. Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo. I'm going to a concert with my BFF tomorrow night. I get out of class around 1215, she gets off work around 3. The only reason I won't start drinking until after she get off work is that I need to be able to drive to her house safely. On my way, I will be picking up beer/liquor. I promise that tomorrow, I will have an "alcohol-induced" post for you. It might just be a picture post, depending on how thirsty we are.  

Song of the day: This one seriously makes me think of Little Chief Swag, I can see him singing Drake's verse while he drives my car. And this song/video always, without fail, makes me want to bone. I'm pretty sure the first time I heard it, Little Chief Swag and I were doing it...Enjoy!

Goodnight moon, goodnight stars, goodnight fish on Mars.

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