Things that make me happy

Chipotle seriously, the guy that created it is a gastronomic genius and I love him

Waking up when it's really bright outside and panicking because you think that you're late for work only to find out that it's the weekend and you don't have a thing to do

When the sun sets and the sky turns pink, purple, orange and blue

Snow days you're never too old to make a snowman

My dog the Moose 

Cara Lee Cupcakes if you don't know, please educate yourself here

Amazingly friendly moments with complete strangers making eye contact with people while you're walking down the street and they smile at you

County fairs strictly for the funnel cakes and corn dogs 

Playing with my friends' babies I can't wait to have kids, like 50 years from now

Watching the sun rise at the beach 

Spending entire days in bed just because I can

Getting snail mail aside from bills and my Netflix

When they bring back the Pumpkin Spice latte at Starbuck's 

When the leaves start changing colors at the beginning of Fall

Summer thunderstorms only the ones at night

When they finally put up the Christmas lights in Friendship Heights

Stealing borrowing hoodies from boys they smell good and they're worn in just right 

Flip-flops and cut-off jean shorts

Breezy summer nights with amazing people

My friends & family you guys should actually be really jealous because I definitely have the most amazing friends and family

Heard this song on a commercial and fell in love with it. Enjoy...


  1. This is a cute idea for a post :) a lot of these things make me smile as well!

    Those are by shits :)

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  2. so we actually love a lot of the same things! who knew?! and thanks for the LOVE ;-)