Fridays are such a tease

I honestly wish that the work week was four days instead of five, I also wish that I could fly AND read people's minds. Clearly, I like to be realistic. It seems that I always have so much shit to do on Fridays and absolutely no desire to do anything but sit at my desk and read all the crime stories on CNN's website. If you haven't read them, then you really should because as sad and stupid as they are, some of them are actually funny. But you have to actually scour the Justice part of the site and look at the different regions. Swear on my grave that the "Daily Dumb" ones always has the best. I do actually like to be productive on Fridays though; I like to try and catch-up with my amigos and run my errands. I hate, more than anything, having to wake up early on a Saturday to have to run errands and all that shit.  I like having the ability to spend entire weekends in bed because I have nothing to do. 

I swear I didn't start this post so that I could talk about how much I hate doing shit on Fridays. I started this post because I would like to thank a very lovely lady that gave me an award. See Mom, people like me! I got it from Cherie. If you haven't taken the time to stop by her blog, please do so. She's legit. She has a cat named Bitch Cat. I'm not kidding, read about her here. She vents about evil people (she being Cherie, not the cat). Everyone likes reading vents about evil people. If you say that you don't, you're lying. Leave my blog now, thankyouverymuch. AND she works in a restaurant so therefore, she sees and deals with a lot of crazy shit/stupid people. Because I have received this award, I have to list 7 facts about myself and give the award back to other cool bloggers. 

7 things:
1) I don't know how to ride a bicycle. Don't laugh. My mother was as single mother, she didn't have time to teach me how to do shit like that. There wasn't a man around so she taught me how to fix things and use power tools so that I would never have to rely on a man for shit like that. The first time she trusted me enough to let me use the drill, I creamed myself. True story. 
2) I hate snakes and other sorts of "slimy" reptiles. They make me very uncomfortable, blame it on Jennifer Lopez and that Anaconda movie. I have trouble going into the reptile house at the zoo without mildly freaking out because of course, all those slimy animals are going to bust out of their enclosures and attack me. I'm no even kidding. 
3) I come off as a huge bitch because...I have no idea why. Multiple people have told me that before they actually got to know me, they thought I was a raging cunt. That's fine, everyone's entitled to their own opinion. Once you actually get to know, I'm the most honest, loyal, caring person you will ever meet. And god help anyone that should shit talk you in front of me. We may go head to head but that's only because I like you and I refuse to sugar-coat shit for you, but if I hear someone talking badly about you, words will be exchanged. 
4) If I could have one cool power, I would be able to read people's minds just like Edward in Twilight
5) If I could live anywhere in the world, I'm pretty sure it would be Mykonos. 
6) If I were like Bradley Cooper in Limitless and had the ability to learn a bunch of languages in a short amount of time, I would pick Farsi, Italian, Greek and Spanish. 
7) I make lists for everything but once the lists are done and stored in my phone, they're usually never referred to again. I really need to get better at that. 

I'm giving this award to a couple of cool people because I think they're cool obvi and because I admire them for everything that I have read on their blogs:
A Single Mother's Journey She's a single mother to 2 beautiful girls and I know that that can't be easy but it's got to be one of the most rewarding jobs ever. And she gives great advice Life’s lessons:   “There’s hell in ‘Hello’.  There’s good in ‘Goodbye’. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to say goodbye but be careful when saying hello.”
Date me, D.C.! Seriously, funny as shit. Read about the dates that she goes on and you will die laughing. I wish I could be as lucky on go on dates like that. And she's also very cool because she lives in DC, duh. 
The Portuguese Prepster She's preppy and I love it, a total guilty pleasure. She lives in VA and that makes her cool too. But all jokes aside, she has great style. 
Back 2 the BasicK This girl is awesome. She has hot pictures on her blog and she's always so honest with her feelings, I'm jealous of that. Talking or posting about my actual feelings leaves me feeling exposed. Internet or not, I'm not quite comfortable with that yet. 

I'm going to the Ravens training camp tomorrow and I'm super excited. I cannot wait to wear my jersey again. I love football season. 

I'm not necessarily a huge Nicki Minaj fan but this song makes me want to dance on tables every time I hear it. Also, during the blacklight scene in the video, she kinda looks like Snooki...awkward. 

Happy Friday!!


  1. Just out of curiosity what draws you toward learning Farsi? I ask because I am part Iranian and currently visiting my relatives who speak Farsi on a daily basis. It really is a beautiful language...I've been trying to learn for years but can never maintain more than the very basics.


  2. Thank you so much for the blog award. I'm appreciative of those you view my blog and really enjoy it. Its feels good to hear someone enjoy my readings about my life because it helps motivate me to keep going. And trust me I need all the motivation I can get especially during trying times. Thanks again!