Why do these things happen to me?!

I forgot to change my alarm clock setting to Saturday and Sunday so consequently it didn't go off. I woke up at 9ish and I felt nice and rested. Something just didn't feel right; I looked at the clock and my hear sank. My alarm never went off so I just kept sleeping. I knew that there was no point in even trying to go to the training camp. I called my mom to let her know that I wasn't going, she was going to go with me. It takes her forever to get her life together so I knew that even if I had jumped in the shower and made it to her place, in Glen Burnie, she still wouldn't have been ready. I'm bummed that I missed it but whatever. I should have known that given the way my morning started, today was not going to go well. I showered, threw on some clothes and decided to get my day started since sleep was out of the question. 

My first stop was the gas station for gas and cigarettes. It's literally a block away from my apartment but I never walk there because I don't appreciate being whistled and honked at. That will cause people to get hurt. Once you honk or whistle at me, I cannot be held accountable for my actions. Anyway, I get to the gas station and I see this super racist guy that I've had an issue with before. I don't know if I blogged about this before. I happened to be pumping gas one day and I had my windows down and the music on. I'm not one of those obnoxious people that leaves their music turned up super loud; that only happens when the car is in gear. I was listening to this Reggaeton cd that I've had forever; as long as songs have a good beat, I will listen to them, This dude walks by and looks me up and down, he stared for a few seconds too long. I knew that if he came out and I was still there, he was going to try and talk to me. Please excuse my judgement... he didn't look like a typical redneck. He was a good looking older guy, maybe in his early 30s. Sure enough, he stopped by my car...

Guy: What part of Mexico are you from? 
Me: I gave him a confused look Um, I'm not Mexican. I'm from here. Why do you ask?
Guy: Do you speak Spanish?
Me: No. 
Guy: I'm confused as to why you're listening to spic music if you can't even understand what they're saying. 
Me: my jaw hit the floor Excuse me?!? (At this point, my palms were starting to sweat. That's a sign that the Hulk is about to come out and I'll just start fucking shit up.)
Guy: Did you not understand my statement?
Me: No sir, I understood everything you just said. I was just caught off guard by your blatant racism and your stupidity. 

He didn't like that so much. My hands were shaking at this point, I should have just gotten in the car and left but I couldn't just let this stupid man have the last word. He needed to be taught a lesson. Please keep in mind that I live in a predominantly Hispanic area; you will not hear any American music when you're driving down the street. It's a great area and it has a lot of character but if you're not careful, you'll get your ass fucked up. This guy was asking for an ass beating; as much as I wanted to, I wasn't going to be the one to give it to him. I left that honor for large Hispanic men that he will without a doubt offend. Anyway, this asshole proceeded to tell me about how he grew up in the area and he went to Gaithersburg HS, which is right down the street and it's also where I graduated from. He said that all his friends, the people that he had grown up with, moved further north to Frederick and Hagerstown because all the (insert racial slurs for Spanish and Black people) were moving in and they wanted to be in a whiter area. My jaw hit the floor again. This guy was cruising for a bruising. I told him that if he wasn't careful, he was going to get a machete to the throat and no one would ever find the rest of his body. 

Anyway today, I was listening to Outkast while I was pumping gas. This asshole came out of nowhere and was leaning against my car when I turned around. Talk about sending my heart into my throat, he sacred the shit out of me when I saw him. He was eating an apple. I wish I had taken a fucking picture of this douchebag just so that you guys can see how sinister this guy looked. He also had a crucial black eye; that pleased me greatly because I'm sure he fucking deserved it. He said that he was glad that I was listening to music that "you people should be listening to". I very nearly cocked back and fucked up the other side of his ugly mug. The audacity of this guy! I had to back away from him because he was close enough to knock me the fuck out after I ripped him a new one. The gas station attendant saw me, he wasn't quite sure what was going on but he could she that something was wrong so he comes outside and walks over to me. That's when he saw the guy standing there; they both immediately squared their shoulders like a fight was going to happen. The gas station attendant, bless his little heart got in front of me and asked the guy if their was a problem. Of course, the guy says no and that he was just having a friendly conversation. The station attendant laughs and tell him to get off the property before he calls the cops. Words were exchanged and then they started getting closer to each other, keep in mind that they were standing between my car and the gas pump so there wasn't a lot of space. I finally called the cops because they were both heated beyond reason and no one was going to back down. The cop that showed up, Officer Jimmy, was very crooked and he's also black. I've never seen a cop that was dirtier than him but I knew that in this case, he would fuck this asshole up. I met him at a bar around the corner from my place and we started talking, I had no idea that he was a cop. At then end of the night, he asked me if I wanted to take the party elsewhere. I declined because I was pretty wasted and he was much bigger and stronger than me, that situation probably wouldn't have ended well. He said that he had something that would sober me up, I was momentarily confused so he pulled out the cocaine so that I understood. Been there, done that and I refuse to go back. I said no thank you and ran home, literally. It wasn't until several encounters later that I realized that he was a cop, I was really disappointed in our law enforcement system. Anyway, Jimmy shows up and he already knew the crazy guy because he's had problems with him before. Since the guy hadn't really done anything but cause a disturbance, they asked him nicely to leave or he would be escorted off the property. Stupid man that he is, he started shouting racial slurs at Jimmy. Bad move. Jimmy took it and kept antagonizing him so that he would react; he reacted alright. He got so mad that Jimmy wasn't showing any sign of anger so he lunged. I was too busy watching the crazy guy/ hiding behind the gas station attendant that I didn't even notice that he had pulled out his taser. Jimmy shot the taser and then made contact with the guy, he promptly dropped to the ground and started convulsing. I'm pretty sure that Jimmy had turned up the voltage while the guy was being tased because his spasms were getting more intense by the minute. That's a mild case of police brutality but it's also self-defense because the guy lunged at him. 

I've never seen anyone get tased right in front of me like that. Even though he's an asshole and totally deserved, once he finally stopped convulsing, his body was incredibly still. I wasn't sure if he was breathing or not, I was totally ready to start doing CPR. I don't care how much of an asshole someone is, nobody dies on my watch. My hands were shaking because I was still so heated. The gas station attendant was still pissed and he wished that I hadn't called the cops so he could have fucked that guy up. At this point, I just wanted to go home, get in the bed in bed and pull the covers back over my head. I feel bad for the guy but honestly, that's what happens when you're a stupid, racist fuck. 

Here's to hoping that the rest of my day gets better!


  1. Wow. I've never heard someone be that blatantly racist before. One time, one of my delivery drivers had an interesting conversation with a redneck who was talking negatively about Obama (not his politics - but that he err isn't white). And then started saying something about how he doesn't "like it when they mix." To which my driver promptly got out of there. People make me sick.

    Sorry you had such a weirdly shitty day. Nothing like that would ever happen to me in a million years, so it's always interesting to read about people's daily encounters. Thanks for sharing and I hope it got better!

    Cherie @ Refractions

  2. Okay, I know you feel bad for the guy but he was seriously causing a disturbance. I'm sure he wouldn't have hesitated to taze someone if he'd had one in his possession. I really do hope your day got better, hun!