This is what happens when I run through the woods

A new playlist is up, it's not quite complete. I ran out of musical steam (does that make sense/is that even possible?!). Fuck if I know.

Anyway, as promised, the pictures that I took at Fallingwater. Enjoy...

View from above of the famous waterfall
Sweetest windows ever
Oh hello little caterpillar!
I had to prevent myself from Sharpie-ing all over this dude's face...I'm a rebel like that
Sickest picture ever
View from behind
Lilies in the guest house
Ugly little fucker
Grass growing on a ledge
Moss on the side of the house

I was running through the woods and I found a little tree

If you look close enough, this mushroom has a face
I took pictures of the sky, clouds make me happy

I was taking pictures of the sky, while driving, much to my mother's dismay. I like to throw caution to the wind. Don't ask me why I was running through the woods either, I have no idea. I honestly took the most random pictures ever. You would have thought that I would have brought my fully charged digital camera...didn't happen. My camera died after I took about 5 pictures at the house. I had a little photoshoot in the car on our way there. With who? Me, myself and I, duh! Anyway, I found the mushroom and the little tree because I wasn't walking on the path (all the lame kids play it safe, I'm not lame). I actually had to get down on my knees to get the right angle, my mom thought I was crazy for taking pictures of nonsense. Whatever, she got all the "serious" pictures. When I saw that gigantic spiderweb, I was sitting on the ledge of the third floor balcony. That damn thing scared the shit out of me so bad that I nearly fell of the damn ledge because I had an arachnophobic fit (don't try using that shit, I coined it). Don't ask my why I was sitting there; I obviously like doing stupid shit. It turned out to be a sick ass picture though. I had to get it from the front and from the back. I have no idea what kind of spider it was but it was big as shit and I did not like it.

Anyway. You guys love me, right?! Of course you do. So who wants to buy me a fancy schmancy camera, like a professional one?! I know you want to. I will patiently wait for a package from UPS with a lovely camera in it.

While you're at it, I love boobies so let's support the boobie cause. I want a white "I Heart Boobies" bracelet. See how cool it is here!! Seriously though, you guys are the best followers ever for buying me presents. Seriously though, I love you...and presents.


  1. I love you humor! And great pictures too!

  2. I'm a die-hard arachnophobe...and I made the mistake of clicking on that spider picture. Thanks for the nightmare fuel, haha.

    And the mushroom is winking at us! That's unique.


  3. nice pictures! I can so picture you frollicking in the woods, snapping shots of everything lol. You have a good eye for photos, as well. . and your current camera isn't that bad. It still captures vivid color and texture.

    Since I'm buying you an "I Heart Boobies" bracelet, you wanna buy me an iPhone 5? :D