This is my day in a nutshell: I'm at the Taste of DC, eating funnel cake, cotton candy, duck dumplings and 1/4 lb half smoked chili cheese dogs from Ben's Chili Bowl. I'm also drinking pinaGOladas from this company called Cordina. They're literally the BEST THING EVER. They come in a pouch, they're frozen and they're a party in my mouth. They're like Capri Sun for adults. I'm working with the owner of the company, he just happens to be hot so I'm definitely not complaining.

I'm in the "beer cage" at 10th and Penn, drinking and eating. I'll be here all day.

Happy Columbus Day!!
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  1. Nice! Too bad I'm not local or I would totally come buy funnel cake off of you. With extra sugar whipped cream and any other sugary stuff you can put on it. Omnomnom.

    Happy Columbus Day!


  2. Boyfriend and I were down there and we went to the Around the World in 80 sips thing, but I had no idea how to find you so ... will have to commence actual stalking at a later date. :(

  3. HAHA your posts make me laugh! : D Hoping your hot manager is still looking 'hot' to ya and its not just the pinaGOladas speaking lol! Hope you had a good Columbus Day hun!