I've failed you yet again

The minute I start to actually breathe again, things get crazy and I literally have not been able to catch a break. I've been getting about four hours of sleep every night and I'm dying. I cannot wait to take my final next week.
In the past four days, I've gone from having two jobs to having four jobs. My mother's not talking to me anymore, my dad doesn't seem to care about what's going on. Little Chief Swag won't stop texting and calling me, the Corporal tells me that at this stage in our "relationship", it's nice that I'm still on my best behavior.
What the fuck is going on here?!?! I want to high-five everyone in the face, with a chair. So this is the fuckery that is my life right now...I went out with some of the girls on saturday night. We really needed a night that was just us. We went to this new sports bar in Bethesda. Our friend HootersGirl bartends there. One of the girls that I was with, Bean, is a beer rep for a lot of the bars in the area. She knows a lot of the owners and managers as well. She knows how much I hate working at the restaurant that I currently work in so she told the owner of the sports bar that I needed a job. He said I was pretty and asked me to stand up so that he could check out "the whole package". True story. He liked me and told me to come in on Sunday to talk to him. I started on training on Tuesday. Before you guys freak out and think I'm working the corners, let me explain myself. The guy that owns this place used to manage a strip club downtown; he "inspects" the girls before he agrees to work with them. I didn't like it but I need a new job. The uniform is a tight referee type shirt and Under Armour boy shorts. I wear my Uggs and legwarmers too. I'm basically working at Hooters but not really. Since the owner used to manage a strip club, he brought some of the girls with him. I work with strippers. I want to hate them but they're so sweet. I've got the potential to make a fuck ton of money there so I'm going to wait it out and see how it goes. I told my dad, he wasn't pleased but he'll tolerate it because I'm an adult and I'm trying to make more money.
Given the uniform that I have to wear, I need to work out like a fiend to make up for the fact that I don't have flotation devises for boobs. While I was talking to the membership director, he told me not to work at the sports bar and to come work at the gym instead. He was serious. I took him up on the job offer but I won't quit at the sports bar because I like making money.
I'm fairly certain that my dad told my mom about the bar, I'm not stupid enough to tell her about some job like that. She called me this morning, crying. She asked me if I got a job there and I said yes. Then she went insane. She started yelling and screaming about how shameful it is to be working there, how I'm acting like a whore. She also said that I might as well be a prostitute. Really?!? I totally wasn't expecting that response. She probably won't talk to me for awhile. At this point, I'm so done with everything that I don't even care.
The Corporal has been awesome but he's starting to go crazy. What the hell is he talking about, me being on my best behavior?! Those are things that I do and ways that I react and treat the people that I care about. Yeah, he kinda gets special treatment but that's because we're sleeping together. He's a stupid fuck.
Seriously though, I don't know why Little Chief Swag keeps reaching out to me. I deleted his number from my phone because I didn't want to be tempted to drunk text him. When he first texted me a few days ago, I pretended like I didn't know who it was because I didn't have his number in my phone, he called me and was legitimately mad. He keeps texting me to see how I'm doing and to see if I want to hang out. I don't want to do that with him. It's weird how he just popped up but I'm over it.
I swear that in the next post I write, I'll make sense and have a much better attitude. I solemnly swear!
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  1. I don't know why your mom is so upset. . .sounds like the dream job. Little clothing, good money, probably good tips, plus you get to watch sports all day. I think I'd enjoy it.

  2. Wow. Sucks that your mom freaked out like that.. mine probably wouldn't have a good reaction either, but I doubt she'd have a freak out of that magnitude.

    Did you type all this on your phone? If so, mad props and prayers that carpel tunnel doesn't find you.. yikes.