Happy New Year

This really isn't how I envisioned my New Year's post going but sometimes, desperate times call for desperate measures.

It's a little after 10AM and I'm already cracked out on Red Bull. I like the huge 20oz cans, it's kinda bad. My diet consists of Red Bull, alcohol, Chipotle, sushi and pasta. Nom nom nom. I started working out with a personal trainer and he kicks my ass every time I see him.

I'm sitting here getting my hair dyed and cut. Now is as good a time as ever for a change. I was just on the phone with my friend Ali Baba and he was nice enough to inform me that you dye eggs and you color hair...he's straight. We've become such good friends so quickly but in all honesty, I wouldn't change anything that's happened as of late. The Corporal has a baby, our entire group of friends has split up, everyone is sleeping with or trying to sleep with everyone else. There's so much drama and nonsense but I've come to realize that it's our drama and nonsense and I wouldn't trade it for the world...the fighting shows that we care about each other. That's my backwards logic for you. The Corporal's baby isn't mine, I promise. It was a situation that happened before I even knew him...fast forward a little over 9 months and the little nugget is 6 weeks old. I respect the fact that he wants to be there for the baby even though he doesn't want to be with the mother. The whole thing put a brief rift in out "situation but I can't change anything about it so I've learned to live with it. The baby mama hates me because she wants to be with the Corporal because he knocked her up, totally logical thought process. I think there could be any other chick in my place and she'd still feel the same way. It's fine if she's threatened by me but she needs to understand that I can never hold a candle to her simply because she's the mother of his child. More details to come as the story develops.

I always try to make New Year's resolutions and they never stick. This year, I just want to enjoy the little things and all the little moments that I usually take for granted. This year, I want to take more pictures. This year, I want to have more fun than I've ever had in my life with the people that matter the most. This year, I take no mercy on life.

2012, get ready to be my bitch.
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  1. "2012, get ready to be my bitch."

    I love the spirit! Drama may kick you at times, but don't let it drag you down. Or else the drama will make you its bitch.

    Happy 2012!