Sometimes, things go awry for a reason

It's only the middle of January but I've gotten into so many disagreements with people this year that's it's ridiculous. Bitches hate me, true story.

The Corporal and I "broke up" (I don't know what the proper term is for people that are in limbo). He's not in a good place in his life right now blah blah blah. But he still really wants me in his life as a friend. His relationships with people are super important to him. Him sucking my dick is really important to me but we can't always get what we want. When the situation first fell apart, I was sad about it and then I actually started getting pissed. There were so many things about him that I didn't like but I ignored them because they were things that a girlfriend would get pissed about. I compromised my views and essentially my comfort level for some shit. It wasn't even worth it. Now that I'm fully over the situation, I don't even think that I want to be friends with him. I do however want to keep him around (on Facebook and through the grapevine) so that he knows that he missed his chance at something great and I want him to eat his heart out come summertime when I look freaking hot as shit.

Apparently, all my female friends now hate me. It literally happened over night and none of them had the decency to actually say anything to my face about us having an issue. I have no respect for shit like that. As adults, we should all be able to communicate properly...silly me for thinking that. I confronted LRog this morning about her hating me and got nowhere. I suspect that she now dislikes me because of her new bff, Fingerbang, hates me. Here's a brief background for you: LRog introduced me to the Corporal and through him, I became really good friends with his bff, Ali Baba. I think at one point, it really bothered the Corporal and I addressed that issue with him. He assured me that everything was fine and that wasn't an issue; he lied, he's good at that. Ali Baba was dating Fingerbang but she decided to be a little whore at the same time by fucking other people and playing games with him. He finally cut the cord and told her to go screw herself. What sucked is that he really cared about her and her son; she took advantage of him and his feelings and made a mockery of him around Bethesda. She's jealous of the fact that he and I have become so close. She had the chance to be there for him and be apart of his life and she fucked it up. Don't hate me because you're a stupid bitch.  I legit have no desire to go out in Bethesda anymore because I don't want to run into any of those stupid bitches...bitches be tripping, yo!

Update on the drama: Fingerbang had sent me a Facebook invite for her son's birthday party. I hadn't planned on going because it was going to be chokfull of drama. I just logged on to delete the event because I was tired of it telling me that I had an event...little things like that bother me. I couldn't find the event in my list of tings. WTF? It was there the other day, now I don't know where it went. It took me a few minutes to realize that it wasn't there anymore because she uninvited me. I actually started laughing at that point. Joke's on you Fingerbang, thanks for letting me know that you were thinking about me XOXO.

Seriously though, I'm over this month already. I want it to be President's Day weekend so that I can be in Dallas. I cannot wait, I might or might not be counting the days.


  1. Wow, so much controversy. Some of these people...I just don't know what to say about them. I really enjoy the Fingerbang code name, though. It kind of makes me giggle every time I read it. Interesting that she would be so petty as to invite you and then uninvite you. Clearly, inviting you to the party is a huge moral dilemma for her. You definitely don't need that shit from the drama llama. Just do your best to stay out of the roughest parts of the storm and make it through uninjured. Good luck!


  2. This is the nice thing about not having friends - no drama! Oh, but I guess it's still pathetic... meh. Also, screw the Patriots.

  3. Haha, I like the code name Fingerbang too (like Shane). It kind of reminds me of "Deep Throat" from the Watergate scandal..
    but anywho,

    Those people sound like a headache and a half. I know these "friends" of yours are supposed to have your back but since they're trippin' over minuscule ish, all you can do is move passed it. You're better than that, right? :)