Damn girl, you so fine

I have class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, unfortunately. Some girls take school as a social event and get all dressed up so they look cute walking across campus. I personally couldn't care less, it's a miracle that I change out of my pajama pants and put on real clothes. I decided that it was a nice day so I wanted to wear shorts. I had this old pair of hole-y 7 for All Mankind jeans that I refused to part with (they were my ultimate favorites that made my ass look amazing and went with everything but looked best with a tshirt and flip-flops) that I cut into shorts that fall right above my knee. It was a clean cut but I just folded them up once because I'm cool and threw on a white tee with my super cool Chucks. I have a thing for shoes in general but nothing (seriously, nothing...not even food and I LOVE food) gets me going more than a super sweet pair of Chucks, like these...

I put them up on my BFF's bathroom counter, which she had just finished cleaning. Um, I love you?

It was sunny so I grab my Aviators because they go with everything and I went to class. I don't know what it was today but I was getting checked out left and right, it was pretty ridiculous. After I finished class for the day, I waited outside the campus center for a friend, let's just call him Little Chief Swag (I just laughed thinking about how much he would love that nickname but he's Little Chief because I'm Big Chief Swag). This group of guys walked passed me and as soon as they went by I knew this guy was going to turn around and talk to me, I saw the way he looked me up and down. Sure enough..."Damn girl, you so fine that I just had to come get your number". Of course you did, because I hand it out to every guy that says shit like that to me. Haha, no! Get the hell out of here with that weak sauce. But my mother raised me to be polite so I couldn't be a raging cunt (yeah, I said it). He would not leave me alone, I told him that I was a lesbian and he pursued me even more. I like girls and you clearly aren't that. What makes you think that you're going to the guy to make me want guys again? You're not that cute and you looked like you just had your 16th birthday yesterday. I turn 24 in June...get out of here young blood! The only way I got rid of him was to friend him on Facebook (so bootleg). I figured that when he got a little stalker-ish, I could just block him.

This kid didn't even wait 24 hours to start stalking. Not more than 3 hours later, my phone started blowing up because of all the Facebook notifications from his activity on my profile. I was enjoying a couple (read: too many) daytime drinks before starting a paper for school and he was cramping my style! He commented on every single one of my profile pictures and sent me a message saying that I need to upload more pictures for him to look at. Excuse me?! As soon as finals start (in a week and a half), he will be blocked and never heard from again. I don't want to block him now because I don't want to run into him at school and have him ask me what happened. That would be an awkward conversation! I'm really too nice of a person but that's really ironic because I'm a huge bitch...if you don't know you better ask somebody!

Seriously though, I don't know what I'm doing to turn these guys into crazy stalkers but I obviously need to start being a raging bitch to get rid of them. And for those of you that read my post about the crazy Lebanese stalker I had...well, I thought this guy had finally gotten the message by my lack of return contact. He stopped for a few days and then on Easter, he decided that he really missed me. Ummm hello?! I haven't talked to you in over a week and I have no desire to even talk to you long enough to tell you to FUCK OFF. Why aren't you catching on you crazy crazy man?!?!?

This is completely unrelated but this is my BFF, partner-in-crime, ride-or-die chick, however you want to call it...

Her name is Pretty Face.

That's all I have for today, except for maybe some sweet tunes, enjoy...

I have cool friends that listen to cool music.

Later, you sexy bitches!

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  1. I love love love those chucks! I am a huge fan of chucks and haven't seen those! haha. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and following me! I'm you're newest follower and can't wait to read more!