Today was such a blah day, I really thought nothing of it. But last night was a good night, that's probably the reason I'm having such a blah day...blame it on the 100 proof Captain Morgan rum that my BFF made me drink. She had sushi night at her house. I should have documented it but I was too busy dancing, eating her sushi and drinking. She tries to have sushi shindigs every couple of weeks. She doesn't buy the pre-made sushi, that would be so elementary for her. She likes to get creative so she makes all the sushi herself. She had a bunch of people come over and we just hung out and ate, my favorite thing to do. For the record, Mackenzie does not do well with 100 proof liquor of any kind. It always leads to complete unproductivity to the next day, it's a miracle that I'm even writing a new post. In other news, enjoy some mellow music while you read the rest of this post...

(It sounds better if you turn it up loud, I promise)

I was going through my closet this morning for something to wear to work. That's a daily struggle even though I have a fuck ton of clothes...they just need more company. I periodically go through my closet, clean it out and give the shit that I don't want to the Salvation Army. My parents say that I have a problem with shopping; it's not like I have a drug problem so relax. Summer's coming and I couldn't be more thrilled about that. My absolute must-haves for said wonderful season are funky colored bikinis, long dresses (preferably with crazy patterns), flip-flops and light sweaters. I keep spares of those things in my trunk because I like to be unpredictable and have a wardrobe to match. I was Internet window shopping and came across one that I would like to have on my person, like yesterday...

Parker Rectangle Print Long Dress @Shopbop.com

I'm hungry so I'm going to go stuff my face for the 50th time today.

Later you sexy bitches!


  1. Hiya

    I noticed you're following me and I just wanted to say thank you :) I'm happy to discover your blog. I'd love to be a writer at some point too :) oh i love Ellie Goulding. Her voice has something special. I'll see her sing in festivals this summer hopefully!

    have a good day!

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    XO Shar!

  3. The song started out ok... then, 45 seconds in: yesssssss. ))

    Gonna have to put it on my ipod (: