Happy Easter

         I should have had my picture taken with the Easter Bunny this year. I had my picture taken with Santa so I really don't see the problem, other than the fact that I forgot...weak sauce.

When I was little, I loved Easter because that was the only time that I was allowed to eat candy like it was my job. Halloween definitely wasn't it because my mom had to check every piece of candy I got, just to make sure it was safe, she was one of those moms. It's okay though because without her, I probably wouldn't have made it to 23 years of age. When I was a kid, we would go to my grandparents' house and dye eggs and my grandpa would hide candy for me in the little plastic eggs around the house. It was such a fun game because he would always play it with me and then try to eat my candy. As far as grandpa's go, he was totally boss.

I'm going to mommy's to stuff my face like it's my job. I woke up absolutely ravenous. I went into my fridge, thinking that there was at least a little something to snack on...

(I tried to rotate it but it just wasn't working) This is what is currently in my fridge:
a Brita filter, two apples, a jar of pickles, a bag of carrots, jelly, ketchup, hot sauce, mustard,
and a bottle of Passionfruit flavored Malibu (so clutch!)

It's pitiful, I rally do live like a starving college student but I eat a shit ton of food...clearly, just not from my fridge. I swear, there is an obese person inside of me. One day, that person will try and manifest itself and I will not allow it. Until that day, I will eat until my heart's content.

In other news, song of the day...it makes me happy and you know you love it too. iTunes shuffle was nice enough to play it and make me dance around my apartment, Dance Dance Revolution-style (because I'm cool like that!)

Later you sexy bitches!

P.S. My brother, he blogs too. Check it out, yo!

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