Keep Calm and Party On

Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of inappropriate behavior and will even have moments of inappropriateness myself. But sometimes, things just go too far...

At some point Wednesday night, the storm knocked out my power and my alarm didn't go off the next morning. I know that I was exhausted because I slept through the entire thunderstorm/torrential downpour/Mother Nature's PMS and I woke up feeling super rested yesterday morning. I woke up at 10AM, my first class starts at 930. At that point, school was irrelevant because it was still pouring outside and I was in my big, comfy bed. 

I figured that if I was going to miss class for the day, I might as well try and be studious. I got my shit together and went to Starbucks to camp out for the day, literally the entire day. I sat at one of those long tables that's made to fit 6 people. When I sat down, there was a French-speaking African guy sitting down talking web design type stuff to some girl. I went to a French school for a very long time, I can pick out a French accent anywhere. He kept looking at me and it was starting to piss me off. Several cycles of people came and went. I was working on a paper for school so I had my earphones in as a noise buffer but I wasn't listening to anything. 

These two French (French from France, not Canada because there's a difference in their accents) guys sat down and that's when it got interesting. The African guy was excited to have someone to speak to in his native language with  womp womp. At first they were just talking about general things and then they, inevitably, started talking shit about people. I just happened to be sitting at the table and they thought I was reasonably attractive so I was their most serious target. Keep in my that I had my earphones in so they probably thought that I was some dumb American, listening to music. Ignorant fools should learn not to assume things. The fact that they said that I was reasonably attractive didn't bother me because everybody's got their preferences. It was the fact that they said they would cover my head with a paperbag and bend me over the very table at which we were sitting and do it to me. The whole time the African guy is just laughing with them and smiling in my direction, as if nothing were wrong. Really?!?  They talked about how it's nice for them to be in the US and be able to speak French with only a few people understanding. I am one of those people. I sat there the whole time and listened to them say degrading things about me, women in general and Americans. I tried so hard not to freak out at them and I'm really glad I didn't because the end result was so much better than anything else. The French guys got up to leave and I told them to have a nice day, in FRENCH. ONe of them turned beat red. The look on their faces was absolutely priceless!!

After that whole exchange, I was fairly certain that  the African guy wanted to ask me out. Sure enough, when he finally got up to leave, he asked if we could go out some time. Really? Is that a serious question? Fuck no we can't go out. You sat there and laughed while those two pricks talked shit about me and women IN GENERAL. They could see your mom/sister and say the same shit about her, you stupid prick. You know that I speak French and you won't even offer up an apology with regards to your laughter and you expect me to go out with you. And then you have to nerve to get mad when I rip you a new asshole for said behavior. Seriously? Get out of my face, like 5 minutes ago. I really couldn't believe that guy. I swear I have a stamp on my forehead that's only visible to guys. 

Anyway, it's Friday and I have no crazy weekend plans except for getting my nerd on with my textbooks (one of them has not been opened since the semester started, in January). I dislike finals, they really cramp my style. 

The song of the day is one of my personal favorites, it never fails to get me amped up for a night of partying. And my husband, Kid Cudi, is in it. I want to marry him and have his babies, until that happens I will settle for watching him in Youtube videos and drooling. While you party, think of me! Enjoy...

Later you sexy bitches!

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  1. I listened to this song first here, on your blog. Can't believe I hadn't heard it before! Well, I dl'd it and I'm loving it. Listening to it super loud on the way to work the other day was actually the only thing that kept me awake (: