Football, Rolling Papers and basic bitches

And so my day was made, football is back on bitches!!! I honestly could not be happier because my Sundays during the Fall are now complete.

This is what we're like on a regular basis

In other news that NFL.com deems as important as the end of the lockout,  Kristin Cavallari gets dumped by Jay Cutler. Who cares? I understand that he's a pretty notable football player but why is this article on the homepage?! She's going to cry her heart out and then maybe get back on MTV's nuts. She'll be fine. 
The BFF and I went to the Wiz concert last night. When I got home, I reeked of sweat, weed and alcohol. Sexiest smell ever! Not. Everyone and their mother was smoking weed there, it was literally everywhere. I think yesterday was the one time that I have ever wished that I did drugs because the marijuana smelled delicious. Wiz legit sat on stage and smoked a blunt during one of his songs. The name of his tour might have something to do with that...

I don't know a ton of his new stuff, I'm more familiar with his older mixtape stuff. He definitely put on a good show though. I think I was more excited to see Mac Miller than anyone else. BFF and I went to see him at the 930 club on Cinco de Drinko but I don't really remember the end of the show because I was really drunk. I like to keep it classy. I get that Wiz is from Pittsburgh and all that good shit but I can't stand the fucking Steelers. They are the only thing that stands in the way of the Ravens and the Superbowl and I will not tolerate that shit this season. We will treat the Steelers the way Roethlisberger treats women.  I do really love the song Black & Yellow though; somehow my stereo knows when the song comes on and it just happens to turn up real loud all by itself. That's what I like to call swag. 

So remember how I said that I wasn't going to my high school reunion, I might to have to reconsider that. I was doing some Facebook stalking (because all the cool kids are doing it, duh!) and I happen to see that Goof is going to be there. If  you remember, I wrote Reasons why I won't date you about him. I was creeping on his profile and saw that he was in a relationship with some bitch named Ashley. If you read the post, you'd know that things never would have worked out between us. There should be no reason as to why this simple discovery bothers me. I didn't want him and I made that quite clear; I shouldn't give two shits that he's with some chick that looks exactly like his ex and even happens to have the same name. I'm just hating on bitches right now but this is how I vent and get shit off my chest. So now I have to go to this damn reunion, not because he's going to be there with his gf but because he's going to be at my bar, uninvited and he needs to see that had he not been a stupid fuck, I could have been his gf. I will fully admit that I'm not being rational or mature about the situation but I don't give two shits. The reunion is at a bar in Bethesda that I go to on a regular basis, it's my bar. I popped his Tommy Joe's cherry when I took him there for the first time so it's against the rules for him to bring some stupid bitch there. It's the principal of it! I don't even know her but I guarantee that she is, in fact, a stupid bitch simply because birds of a feather flock together. I'm glad that I have a blog because it allows me to vent about basic bitches "in private". I only used that term because said bitches are too basic to realize that I even have a blog. Okay, I'm doing being a stupid, hating bitch...for now. 

In friendly and loving news, I just want to thank all my followers, new and old, because you guys are amazing.  I love that people actually read the nonsense that I type, or they at least act like they do. I swear I'm not always an angry person! 


  1. Gahh I'm a HUGE Ravens fan, too. Living in DC sucks - people either dont care about football, or they like the Redskins. I mean, seriously?

    We had an amazing Ravens bar in Austin, TX, of all places, but now I have to find one up here.

  2. Definitely went the Wiz concert a few months back. Exact same experience.

  3. Hahaha I love that you're going to the reunion to show him what he's missing. I know you should be the "bigger person" and go because of YOU, but whatever. He needs to see what he's missing. Who cares if this is childish?

  4. No worries, we truly love your writing :D

    He smoked weed on stage? Balls of steel, man. Balls of steel.

    And hey, I'm from Pittsburgh haha...but I never bought into Steelers fever (or NFL fever in general). You'd be surprised how much of us truly despise Big Ben. I like my burgers with a side of fries, but I like my QBs without a side of sexual assault. kthx