I'm still on vacation, my brain's a mess

First and foremost, I'd sincerely like to thank Nhya for giving me an award. I got super excited when she told me and I really wanted to call my parents and tell them because I never win anything. I quickly stopped myself from doing that; my mom doesn't know about the blog and it's better that way. Maybe years from now, I'll let her read it. My dad knows, he just chooses not to read it. That's okay because if he did read it, that could lead to some potentially awkward conversations. I love awkward, just not with my dad. Anyway, you can read what she said here. Honestly, words can't describe how awesome it is that she gave me an award. I completely agree with what she said, we're totally on the same East Coast wavelength. Be jealous!

So I started crossing stuff off my 52 things list...

This one hurt. One down, one to go.

I have furniture to put together today. My ribs hurt (I wonder why?!) and I really don't feel like moving. These two big ass boxes are sitting in my trunk and I have to figure out someway to get them from my car to 3rd floor apartment without breaking anything (bones-wise) or throwing out my back. I could ask for help but I'm not too good at doing that. Besides, it'll be so much more rewarding when I finally put them together knowing that I didn't have any help with any of it. 

Also, who in the hell thought it was okay to close Chipotle on the 4th of July?! I was not consulted in that decision. Seriously though... closing on Cinco de Mayo, acceptable; closing on the 4th of July, not acceptable. I was in such a grumpy mood yesterday because I was being a fattie and craving it. I went and they were closed, I was very unhappy. I made a beeline for it after I got my tattoo earlier today. Speaking of food, I'm hungry again. The amount of times I eat throughout the day is amazing. One day, I might get fat. Until then, I will continue to eat enough for a small village. 

I have to say something about this because it really bothers me. Casey Anthony was found not guilty. Are you fucking serious?! She murdered her adorable little girl and she's going to walk away. Is anyone else bothered by this? AND even if more evidence comes out, she won't be able to be tried for the same crime twice. She will probably get credit for time served so she won't have to do time for the 4 misdemeanor counts of providing false information to authorities. She's guilty. This bitch killed her child. I understand that the jurors were only seeing the evidence presented in the courtroom but even that evidence should have pointed to "completely guilty". She's not going to be able to go out in public without repercussions, she might as well walk around with a scarlet letter on her chest. Casey Anthony, I sincerely hope that karma comes back to bite you in the ass. 

I really think that there should be a Like button on Blogger, like on Facebook. I really wanted to like someone's comment but I couldn't because there's no freaking Like button. Hey Blogger, hop on that shit asap! 

Song of the day, this song was on TRL back in the mid-90s for a little bit. It was a sad day when TRL aired its final show. I want to go back to the 90s. I have a lot of scrunchies...

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  1. I wanna go back to the 90's too. . .wahhhh.

    awww I got a whole paragraph in your blog post! hahaha yesss. Can I tell you how I wanted to show my boyfriend my award but thought against it because I thought he'd think I was an even bigger loser than he already does lol. Plus, he hates my emotional connection to my laptop/blog *shrugs*. anyways - I'm glad you appreciate it! now do the 7 random things post, dammit lol.

    So you got a tattoo? Check you out. I'm still saving up for mine at the end of the month. It's like 250 :O

    lmao @ you being pissed off about Chipotle being closed. The nerve.

    Oh & Casey Anthony. . .okay, well I'm not gunna lie. I have not been following this trial in the least but from the bits and pieces of what I'm hearing from it, I'm really astonished. It really proves that our legal system is flawed.