I've never really been interested in current affairs, much less had the desire to devote a blog post to them . The way I see it, they don't really affect me; if they do, it's only in a minor way (i.e. they make my life around the DC area slightly inconvenient, in the case of 9/11 at the Pentagon). I've been seriously bothered by the latest media sensation/clusterfuck, Casey Anthony. This woman is getting away with murder, literally. She could potentially make millions off of this situation. There will be a Lifetime movie about her "struggle". I know I'm not the only one that's bothered by this but at this point, there really isn't anything we can do about it. This is just me venting my frustration towards the judicial system. Morally, I have a problem with sticking up for people that I feel area guilty of committing a crime. I don't care if it becomes a high-profile case and I could potentially make bank at the end. I love money but I wouldn't dare sacrifice my morals and values in order to make a shit ton of it. That's why I could never be a lawyer. Well that and the fact that I have a record. Oops. 

So if you remember, I met some guy on my birthday, outside the bar. That right there should have been a sign that no good could have come from that. Anyway, my gut feeling about him potentially getting clingy was right on point. I hadn't talked to him in a few days just because I wasn't going to go out of my way to text him but I would respond if he texted me. Well last night, I was putting together furniture so I wasn't really paying attention to my phone. He texted me and then around 1030, he started calling me. I had 8 missed calls from him by the time it hit midnight. I was deliberately ignoring his calls because I really don't like talking on the phone, especially when people can't articulate themselves well (does that make me stuck-up?!). He left me a buttload of voicemails. I finally started reading his texts and then I started getting angry, as if the fact that he was blowing up my phone wasn't bad enough. He was texting me about how much he couldn't wait to see me again, how pretty I was, how all could think about was wrapping his big strong arms around my waist. I actually laughed when I read that one. What a gump. Then he crossed the line, he said that he probably shouldn't have bought condoms at the dollar store. They were probably really bad quality and he wasn't trying to get me pregnant. Excuse the hell out of me?!? What the hell ever made you think that I would ever let you stick your millimeter peter-weter anywhere me?! Yes, I met you at a bar. No, I didn't giving you the slutty signal by bending over and grabbing my ankles for you. I told him that he crossed the line and that he needed to come correct before I told him to never text me again. That pissed him off. He told me not to tell him what to do blah blah blah. He basically turned into a little bitch, to the point where I had to tell him to man up. I told him that we weren't dating and that he really needed to chill out with all that blowing-up-my-phone-every-5-minutes nonsense. When I didn't respond quick enough to his texts/answer his phone calls, he told me that he felt neglected and he liked it when his women paid attention to him. His women. You're not cute, you really don't have much going for you and the only way you have women is because you've handcuffed them to a radiator in your house and keep them as prisoners. You're too much of a girl for me and I gave you fair warning when I first met you...I'm a huge bitch and I don't have time for nonsense. I actually said that to him outside of the bar. That's drunk me looking out for sober me. Yeah, buddy. Whoever said that I needed help when I'm drunk was clearly wrong. Anyway, long story short, I told him to fuck off and not try and arrest me if he ever saw me in his district. I have a really good lawyer, try and fuck with me.

Song of the day because "someday I can whistle?"

If you haven't seen this video or at least heard of these two, you've been living under a rock. I would totally date this guy because he's a single dad, a total hottie and all around amazing.

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  1. WOW.

    Good lord. I hate people sometimes.

    You should have responded:

    "And yes, you dumbfuck, condoms at the dollar store probably weren't a good idea but I'm not necessarily worried about ME getting pregnant, just more at the thought of you procreating."