Is it Monday already?!

So I finally created a new playlist. This one's pretty legit too. I wasn't quite sure what kind of mood I was in when I got to work this morning so I opened AOL radio and picked a random genre. I ended up picking Indie and then it gave me more choices. I'm not so good with choices when I'm in an undecided mood. I looked over the options and picked Indietronica. That was totally what I needed. I've been listening to it all day. I've been productive and I've been on top of shit at work. Good music always hepls to make things better. Today's not such a bad day after all.

Saturday turned out to be a good day. I went to Starbucks to blog after my little run-in with a crazy man and then I went to Mommy's. I was supposed to hang out with Little Chief Swag but he was being such a douche that I told him to suck a fat one. It was still early in the day and I had already reached my douchebag quota for the day so I wasn't about to deal with the Chief and his PMS. When I got to Mommy's, I told her about the stupid racist and she just started laughing because she knew that I probably would have stood there and tried to make him see the error of his ways. I'm stubborn like that. We went to Arundel Mills because I wanted to go to Bass Pro Shop. I've been trying to get in touch with my wilderness side for some time now so  I decided that I needed a camo hat. I got a pretty legit one. I should have taken a picture of it but I wasn't thinking. When I wear, I'll post a picture of it. Some dirty old man tried to get me to buy a duck caller. He called me over to his counter so that he could stare at my boobies. Not cool, especially when I'm looking right at you! Why on Earth would I need a duck caller?! His response was that I would use it to call ducks. Thanks you stupid fuck, I couldn't figure that out on my own. I managed to only walk out with a hat; that might have something to do with Mommy refusing to let me by a bow and arrow. She said I didn't need it. Erroneous! I do too need a bow and arrow. How do you think I'm supposed to annihilate stupid people and save the world with my ninja skill?! Thanks for being a buzzkill, Mom!

I took my friend Bianca out last night because she just turned 21. We went to Rio for swirls and one of the guys from work showed up to drink with us. We're all in the middle of a conversation when I see this guy walk into the bar. I stopped mid-sentence because I knew that walk and I knew that face, there was no mistaking him for anyone else. The only I wasn't sure was because I was fairly certain that he was still in South Carolina. I even went to length of having the bartender IDing him so that I could be sure that it really was him. That's creeping at its finest for you. It was Carter, in all his Tucker Max-ness. He's my brother's best friend. My brother, of course, isn't my biological brother but we grew up together, his mom and my mom are best friends; as far as everyone is concerned, we're brother and sister though. Anyway, Carter is kinda like my older brother too because we would all hang out together when we were little. They're three years older than me and I worshiped the ground they walked on. They tried to stuff me in the dryer when I was 4 because they thought I would fit. Turns out that a 4 year old version of me actually fits in the dryer just right.  They also thought that it was a good idea to play soccer in the house, I was just sitting on the couch watching cartoons. One of those idiots kicked the ball so hard that it bounced off the wall and knocked a picture off the opposite wall. The ball hit it so hard that it shattered the glass. Upon hearing the sound of glass breaking, Joey's mom came downstairs and saw me sitting there, scared shitless. The boys were nowhere in sight so of course I was to blame for the mess because her son could do no wrong. I can't even tell you how many things I got blamed for because I was the youngest and Donna thought that her son was an angel. She clearly had no idea who he was. Anyway, I ran up to Carter and jumped on him because I hadn't seen him in so long. He moved to SC a few months ago and I hadn't talked to him since he left. I knew that acknowledging his presence last night would only lead to shenanigans. They were mild compared to what I thought they would be. Carter is known for his assclown-ery. I think that Aka (another one of my bro's friends) was more intoxicated though; that's a shocker because it takes a lot to outdo Carter. Aka kept hitting on me and grabbing my hand while Carter was holding onto my other hand. It was a shitshow and I was still sober. He tried to kiss me on numerous occasions, each time it led to him getting slapped in the face, hard. I really do love him though. We're going out again tonight. Joey's going to be pissed but that really isn't my issue. He really doesn't like it when I hang out with his friends without him around to monitor them. I'm 24, not 14. He and I both know that I can hold my own.

I can't get this song out of my head...

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